Tuesday, 2 September 2008

MY Day Was a Cool One

I Started My day with a yawn as i woke up facing this empty house of mine. Nobody's home. I took off for a reluctant run , as I seriously thought i needed some exercise .

I came home pretty much to my surprise that it wqs already 9:30 .

I got to my bathroom only to find that the LIGHTBULB has gone hay wired .

So FASTFORWARD >>>>> . Cut the long story short . I got to JUSCO!!! in Mathew mom's car , with Wei Zhen . we had a chat . ABOUT LICHING .search the dictionary if you guys want to know wad it means haha.

We met up with Zhong Han , Woi Kiong , Chee Leong , Quek , and Xiang Hui . We played around in the Archade . Played the basketball thingy and Daytona . They were like shouting . "WAKAO , WHO BANG ME OH !!! , WATCH OUT LORH YOU " " YOU DIE LIAO , HERE I COME !!!! "
No lah , actually that was me .

After that we went to REDBOX .

Okay first thing first , I never liked going to redbox, Seriously . I thought that it is stupid and a waste of money . But wad to do? Everyone going . hahaha... But it wasn't that bad anyway .

Frankly speaking I was a bit sien... sorry lah... but singing is not my interest .

Wei Ling , Pei Yun,Xiang Hui And Ghost Sh@dow ( Over there beside pei yun, can see or not?) no lah ."joking " she not here yet .

Zhong Han , Woi Kiong , and Quek

Kian Yee ( left ) and Wei Zhen ( right ) who didn't wanted to be seen . :p
After I got a bit Sien,I went to look at the cinema counter to see if Wall-E was available . And Guess who I saw at the cinema counter . :p

Sshhshshhhh , I took this photo candidly ,hahah .

FastForward >>>
I watched Wall-E , With Kian Yee ,Wei Zhen and
Hui Hui ( To some people : "she is NOT my girlfriend !!!!!!!!!" )
The Show was fantastic , and surprisingly , i liked it . :)
The rest of the group Went to See "STRANGER" , which was a horror movie , of which I'm petrified of . Man you Guys have some guts aye?

After that I received a Call .
It was Dad . He said he is coming back from Subang already .
And he decided that we have dinner at Granny's place .
So I had to take Bus downtown .
However , to my GREASTEST HORROR ,
I only had 40 sen left .
But ,All thanks to the Kind ( but a bit overeacting) Hui hui , I was able to take a bus back . She Borrowed me like Rm 8 , when I only needed Rm1.40 . Hahahaa... Thanx anyway hui hui .
I was kinda really shy when i borrowed money from her .
Its like a Big Guy like ME , Borrowing money from a GURL.
No Face Right . Diu1 Lian3 .

I then said goodbye to everyone , and left to walk for a bus stand .
Along the way, i found this nice path , which looked artistic to me . haha . I really wished did had a better camera then .
TebrauCity from a distant
The stairways I took , and left behind .
Took a Bus then . Was pretty fast . Took about only 15 to reach melodies garden .
After reaching melodies garden Bus stand , My grandfather came and fetch me to his house, of course , after I called him .

I was then called to do come cookery by my Grandma , as I help to Zhong 1 ( Simply Smashing ) the Chilli and Garlic .
I had dinner after that , and slept for a while .

Before long I came back home and here I am writing this post .

that is pretty much of what I had today .
Thank you for reading .

Signing Out ,
St. Vincent

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wonderful bro! Great Posting!