Thursday, 25 September 2008

days in daisies .

Ok... nothing much daisies .... just that it kinda sound rhymme -y . hahahaa..

okay short and sweet...

straight highlight of the week .
TUESDAY . had some experiment call disectment on FROG . really goooooeeyyy . seriously gross. But I think I enjoyed it . Photos? no thank you , it'll be too gross . Yeah with all the organs cut out and left on the side, and an emptied-out frog. naaah....I doubt you girls reading this blog can take it .

THURSDAY . KIAN YEE's birthday!!!!! happy birthday kian yee... hope you grow ever blessed in God's ways.

end of report .

Besides that , two things I said that seriously took me aback today .

"Even when I have nothing left .

I'll know I'll still have you . "

" Nobody ! But my bride on my wedding day

will have the honour of taking my first kiss . "

signing out ,

Vincent Tan,

More than conquerer .

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