Tuesday, 30 September 2008

iF I Had Wings

If I had Wings ,
I would spread it wide ,
Fly far far away ,
and say Goodbye .

To this world .

Where Black can become White .
Where a mother could bear
to abandon her child .
To live her sinful life .

Where politicians would fight,
Over a position to make decisions ,
Which are mostly never done .

Where PAIN lingers among the teenagers,
where many shed tears in their sleep ,
where only a few are able to step out alive ,
not destroyed .

Where needs are never met ,

Hearts Broken,

Families divide ,

Sadness. . .

Darkness . . .

FEAR . . .

hatred .

But God never gave me wings ,
that away with I could never fly ,
ever wonder WHY?

So that I would stay right here ,
to pray for this generation ,
turn from their wicked ways ,
through Christ .

ps: God fill me with your love, becuase with mine alone , I will not survive .

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