Friday, 12 September 2008

The Art Of Relaxing

Today like normal days would pass. I've woke up lazily from my bed. Having to wake up only to find that my mom turned off the fan. =] lol.

Just like what joseph has advised , I'll keep this post as sweet as short as possible ( smile ) .

Morning : the usuals , school . But " my dear RUBICSCUBE was confiscated , of all people , the teacher only took mine . INJUSTICE" guess god wanted me to learn how to forgive . =]

EVENING : I decided to go for a jog , thinking of losing some inappropriate fats . =] . I jogged around the houses a bit . Then decided I would cross the big road to the other section of where streets are [3/something ] . It was a place where they are mainly all low cost houses , and flats .

Where even though poverty reigned sadly in their lives , Yet children run with glee on the streets . Where people are happy ,

together .

It reminded me the ten years of living in SEROJA , where I lived like one of those kids , happy mixing with Malays, Indians, some funny mixed up race . It was where NEIGHBOURS really know to socialize , and everybody knew everybody. Unlike the present housing area I live in , where you hardly even see them at all . " AUTO GATES"

I laid down on one of the concrete slides in the playground . looking up above. Relaxing .

Where the noise of kids
sounded like music in my mind ,
where the wind gushes through the leaves,
and caused them to collide with one another ,
contributing to the joyful symphony ,
where my heart delights.

I thanked god ,
for his allowance for me to enjoy ,
the five senses in my life .
listen, feel , see , smell and taste .
but most of all the best sense in living ,

I could thank GOD ,
once and again .
For what a wonderful world he had place me in.
Of which I've never took time to taste the pleasure ,
It Brings

take time , thank god ,
its everything I ask .

" In everything give thanks"

Vincent ,
more than conqueror

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St. JL said...

It is a very touching n grateful post. Thx vin!