Sunday, 21 September 2008

FireFlies In the Night // = // Us

(male Fireflies Flashing in Unison)

Ever since I was a boy,
I liked fireflies ,

more or less things that sparkle in the dark.
like stars , streetlamps , FIREFLIES .
It somehow made me feel that,
I'm Not Alone In The dark .

IN the same way,
In our christian lives,
we are like fireflies ,
Shining in the dark .

We give our little light to this WORLD ,
where darkness encircles every being ,
where people are lost.
Where sometimes we even lose ourself,

Looking at fireflies made me feel that
there Is hope .
In the Darkness ,

Even the simplest Light,
Gives us strength to believe .

Be that Light .
Let people around you see that light in you,
that they may believe ,

There is HOPE .


servant of the MIGHTY God.

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