Monday, 1 September 2008

Life // A donut

Life's a donut .
A piece of dough , Empty out in the middle .
Aren't humans more or less the same ,
When everything comes collapsing in .
Crapping , Laming , less Appretiating .
Fooling around , Blaming the ones around.
HUMANS , So different yet ,
All the same . Comman .
Psychotic people seems normal enough ,
Cause at least they don't LIE .
Hate , a frequent destructive visitor ,
Yet all the more a welcomed one .
This is my life ,
In the rubbles of Dawn ,
After the Raging war ,
Thrash thats left behind .
Vincent , a Diamond wrapped in a bag of thrash .
Where only does who find it , receives its goodness.
Where those who didn't care to dig in far enough
Can only bad mouth about all its stinkyness .
Life's a Donut ,
A peice of dough , Empty out in the middle .
but guess wad ,
I have the center filling , yet i didn't put it in to make it complete
GOD , please help me .
Sorry for crapping , but every line means something to me .
thanks .

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