Thursday, 17 July 2008

TNT// Today Not Tomorrow

Today was another day, where i have grown towards the numbness ... Although the face of mine so joyful , but deep inside ... Nobody Knows ... Maybe i've come to a part where i've stopped caring . Maybe its beacuse all the people i care , never return to care about me . Maybe the sub-consiousness of Nobody-Cares-For-You has really got a hold of me?

Maybe i could say life was always different for me ... Life was always abnormal ...

However ,aren't all of us different ?

Here are a few videos tht says one thing ... We are all different ..

Ken Lee !!!! Tulibu dubudaochu~~~
This next one is super geng3 ( awestrucking )

here's another guy, tht really is someone you can say , " Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover "

so..... school today was extraordinary ...
Me , Vincent , has attemped the " Wild Dog Bitting " act ... of which i thought tht there is only one word to describe it .... " MEMPER-SIA-SWAY "
hahah.... never in my life would i do tht again ... so chong dar please dun look at me with those eyes and ask me to act that again, OKay? :p
BI was cool , nothing much actually , i totally slacked of that class... some ppl were doing the second Oral Test .
B.M. was totally UNCOOL.... teacher looked sooo pissed when she came in , as if she had got up from the wrong side of bed.... did NILAM ( book review ) for some stupid test thing larh... burt actually we all faked... :P Because none of us really read the books ... LOL ... we just copied the introduction at the back... and I BORROWED another book ... hahah "borrowed "
Ad.maths was pretty interesting , we learnt about " RADIAN " and how to find perimeter from using the formula S=rQ ( sorry , can't find the symbol of titah )
BC . i wasn't paying attention in B.C as i didn't take tht subject . i was busy reading my "borrowed " book .
When It came to SiviK , it was pretty dissapointing as SOMEBODY freakingly forgot to bring the Cloth on which we are suppose to paint. Anyway, we then played the animal game, which was sooo totally cool . hahahah . Me as the "hamster" , totally enjoyed the game . As cool as it was, we tried to put in songs like " negaraku and Ke4 Ren2 Lai ( the coming of a guest ) . It was ... hilarious ... then we tried to put in animal sounds tht were totally not related ... lol ... like i put a worm sign and said "MEOW !!! " ... hahah
Biology . We went to the lab , as the teacher talked about the process of how a cell splits through meiosis ....and ... hm............. meiosis ... tht seems to be the only word i've learnt from bio class... haha... .
Chong han said it was so boring tht he has to try all his best to keep himself awake . But i think tht it was pretty interesting , but i was tired of the day , thts why i couldn;t remember a thing .

Wa.... the pipe so nice to stare...keep starring

I'm gonna eat my hand ... :p

After tht we went home , draggin our TORTURED body and mind out of the school to continue the rest of the day ...

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