Thursday, 3 July 2008

heartbeat...//yours or mine?

Earlier sometime in my life , i've come to reach a point , where i believe many people ahead of me has come through . It is the point where i feel nobody cares. Where i feel the darkness within trying to breaking out .

Every sms i sent out , has a reply . But 9 out of 10 sms hardly pass the first line .It was devastating . Maybe its because they aren't free at all . But the question is , what are my friends busy about? Girlfriends? Boyfriends ?
To live in a life where standing tall isn't easy . Having to feel such great pressure in the eyes of people , parents , and friends . Having so much temptation to join the Dark Sides of my life.To rebel against what my parents has been teaching me since young .

Sometimes, a question always pop up in my mind, why can't i just have a simple life like other people . Why do i have to live differently.

A BATTLE RAGING WITHIN . Between good and evil . A battle between rebellion or to obey . A Battle against self negative image . In these times , i've been trying to trust God. Making My Heartbeat His , not mine .

And product of my troubles , this song .


Sometimes , I Look At Myself
Through the mirrors of this world.

And I thought I was Ugly
Nothing much to look at all .

But when i look at the stars ,at night
I thought, They Were Beautiful .

Then I realise,
That the creator of these ,
Is the same as mine .

For God Made Me ,
Beautiful , Beautiful , So Beautiful

For God Made Me ,
Beautiful ......... Like him .


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