Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I arose from my bed after hearing the Japanese song coming from my phone . Reluctantly , I stood out of bed and headed upstairs for a bath. Due to me fatigue , i was unable to go up the stairs with constant stability . I pressed my hands to both the sides of my rear and advance gradually .

Getting into the bathroom, i took a shower . It was cold . i waited for the water to warm up . Then I stood under the sprinkles of water , as it washes my face , while FUSING THE PRESENT INTO PAST . I thought , what on earth have i done yesterday?
It Seems Like Nothing Happened
It was then, I put some guts into myself . . . and set some goals for the day .

First and foremost, i thought i really need to keep QUIET in class . I'm really pissing people off . If i can't even get control over my tongue , how then will it be with my life?

Secondly , i want to SMILE , i want forget all the bad experience i had, and live for today . i want to use my life to make peoples life . . . Happier . . . Delightful . . . Pleasant
Reaching school deteriorated , as i could only sleep at 2 . thought i would enjoy , but maybe not . Having a little black layer under my eye . Had the usual chat with Kian yee . Then headed back to the class.
B.M was ordinary , nothing much . had to right a Karangan .
E.S.T was pretty interesting . Our dear teacher had us do some research on different kind of energy in this world. But the most interesting of all , was this. as i headed out to look for books, Mrs . Ballet Gurl already got a whole stack of them in her hands. I have to admit, it was simply an interesting sight . She seriously has a personality that strongly attracts me .
Maths was a bad period for me . Firstly i didn't get the exercise that we were suppose to do because i wasn't around . To make things worst i even had forty winks.
Biology was pretty interesting . But one thing was sure , girls are really complicated . Haha .
ENGLISH really RAWKED again . we had a time of our lives. fist it was a quiz which we had a draw. Then came the fun part. We both boys and girls had the same pievce of newspaper . Then teacher told us something we had to find . Then we will have to give wad we found to the leader ( Kian Yee and Shea Yin ) to pass it to the teacher . It was hilarious. The excitement was in the air , and everyone had a great time .
That pretty much sums up the day at school today , thank you for reading ...

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