Monday, 21 July 2008

Death//So Sudden//So Unpredictable

On the morning I called Saturday . My mom entered my room and waked me up . Having all the load of tiredness aching all over my body , I arose unwillingly . Only to find out the news of death knocking on my eardrums .

I hate death , i really do .

Having to know about my dear ex-teachers death , I felt nothing . I have to be honest , she thought me B.M when I was 12, but that was like 4 years ago . It was because of that I have much feelings when I heard about her death.

However, having to be friends with her sons , I was still in deep symphathy with her family . She was a Great Teacher , a Great Mother , and Great Wife to her husband .

On Sunday night , I was given a chance to go to her wake service . I was reluctant. I hated funeral sevice like that . Everyone will be sad,i hate to be in that kind of situation . Most of all , i didn't want to cry . But anyway i still went . Having to hear about the people talking about her , I was deeply moved . No... actually I was speechless .Just like his son Isaac said " No words are worthy of describing her ."

Her son described about the time they went for vacation together . She always wanted to take pictures . He and his brother thought it was annoying .

But only then they understood. Because now they know , only the Photos can clearly show them the time they

Happily spent Together.

I was dearly touched , and i was deeply moved, the tears were wanting to gush out , but i held them back . I wish i didn't . But sadly . . . i did .

I missed her dearly and I will always remember the teachings she left behind . All of her LEGACY .

Lastly , I want to say , THANK YOU TEACHER

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