Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The truth about Past,Present and Future

Let me begin with the past.What's over should just be forgotten. Don't ponder over what has happened because you will just compromise ur life. Thinking of the bad things that happened to you will only make u more depressed and stressed not to mention making u look uglier... For example:-

There was once a woman in her mid forty's. Now this woman would seem like any other ordinary woman but she was filled with so much hate for the ones who have hurt her. Probably because she was abused by her stepfather when she was young. She kept thinking of how to get her revenge on the ones who hurt her and everytime she was alone she just cant find peace. It was no better at work she also pondered on her past--images of her fater abusing her flashed into her mind again and again. Suddenly she collapsed, the next thing she knew she was on a hospital bed and her son was beside her. She was told she had a trauma caused by depression,stress and high blood pressure and could have lost her life if not for the swiftness of her colleague. Well do you wanna end up like that?

Now about the future,do you think we should try to predict about what will happen to us in the future? Do you think it's a good idea to go seeking palm readers,those crazy woman with magic balls,a holy priest or even buy something u can use to predict ur own future? Well if you do u can stop reading right here! Cause life is an adventure,everyday we never know what is going to happen to us which makes it so unpredictable and exciting.

So the present ah this is what I like the best. Life is a God given gift. We are given free will to do whatever we want with its own consequences. We can't control the future nor can we erase the past. What we should do is embrace everything that happens to us with the strength given by God and put God as our guide. As the saying goes and still it goes LOLS "Yesterday's history,Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift and that why it is called THE PRESENT

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