Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Today was pretty much of a delight...came in to school with a smile . Greeted the respected Pn. Saroja , and left to begin another day's adventure in School .

I had a light chat with chong han on the "dataran" of which then i found out about the freaking racist teacher , and her ill treatments towards the chinese . It was then I could feel the blood boiling in my "JUSTICE FEEDBACK SYSTEM "

At that point i was sure i ain't backing down . I suddenly remembered the same incident two years ago when i fought all the way to the principal for justice of my friend Tan Mui Poh.However that was when i was the head prefect . As for now, i'm just a mere student .However , I still wasn't going to "stop and stare".

Then Alvin came along telling me he's going to tell the principal about the teacher. i was glad and tagged along , happy to leave Kian Yee behind :p . joking joking.

Anyway , i went to tell talk to the principal .It was just as i expected , the principal welcomed us into his room with a welcoming heart. I was glad to have a principal like him. I talked out my heart's frustration to him as if he was like a father to me, as he nodded and listened.

Then he told us one thing, something that i would remember for life . " As a young teenager growing up in MALAY-SIA, please do be prepared to be treated worse . this is MALAY-SIA . Your case is already quite normal . It has been far worse in other school ."

At that time i was shocked, but all the more came to a fuller understanding in what is going on to malaysia.

I'm going to do my part in changing Malaysia .

Are you ?

BM The day went on like it should. Puan Sadai didn't come . ( don't know why, but " YES !!" anyway :p). ......

EST went perfectly fine , enjoyed myself "seriously".

MOdern MAths Mr.Thamilvanthan didn't come either . Must be busy busy busy ...

Biology was all fantastic but also disgusting . Because we had to spit !!! a total of 10ml of our saliva into the measuring cylinder. It was for experiment . Besides that i found out something interesting though , i could turn the tissue paper blue black with iodine. HAHAHA. interesting it was ... we were like sooo JAKUN . :p


1. I had fun, because it was ENGLISH
2. Miss Leong or so called Mrs Tong finally showed us some of her WEDDING PHOTOS...hahaha..of course out of student pressure... :p
3.We saw a bit of the drama clip Mr. Tin brought us...

thats all for today...


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Victor said...

last time my biology teacher also very racist.. once, she scolded my friend loudly in front of the class: "balik China!". heh heh.

then when ur results very good, she'll be very unhappy.

such is life, take it & move on ba, i guess.