Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I saw in the camp...

I saw Vincent took the challenge to lead the Cell Group.
I saw Charles was willing to be prayed and pray.
I saw for the first time that Yong En was praying so earnestly.
I saw Joshua cried after the Love of God touched him.
I saw Xi Zhe was sincere and honest before Jesus to admit his weaknesses.
I saw Wei Li gave himself a chance to pray.
I saw Jerry received Vision from God the first time.
I saw Jie Sheng never skip any section.
I saw Edwin Ngu was growing up in his maturity.
I saw Reuben was listening to the word of God.
I saw Edwin Lim was interested to see God's Power.
I saw Sze Kirk was enjoying in the camp.
I saw Kian Yee was just different.
I saw myself begin to see things from a different point.
Above All
I see JESUS is living in Me.


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