Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Camp 2009 : entheos .

TEENz Camp is here . tomorrow it is .
What should I long for , Games ? Friends ? Girls ?
Or should it be worship .

Aaron Cheng once told me ,
To him , TEENz Camp is about a bunch of God seeking people ,
Coming together to whole heartedly worship him .

Its not wrong to look forward to the games ,
The workshop , Or maybe the pretty girls that you may meet
Again and again for 4 days .
But let us put our focus on God .
Listen to sermon , Learn something .
Trust me , the sermon is going to be VERY beneficial .
Cause I watched the Speaker work his sweat into the message
Sleeping an average of 4 hours a day .

So look forward to it.
Prepare yourself for a life changing encounter .

Vincent tan .
Man of a mighty God .

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