Monday, 18 May 2009

Report - May 18 ( fellowship , love , friends , church , existence)

Proving God's existence
-Thinking of how blissful life has been for the past few months my life , I couldn't do anything but be gratified for how faithful god has been in my life ..... in our life ..... in everyone's life . God is there whether you see him or not . 

I've been thinking for a moment , about how can I prove God's existence . How do I prove that everything around me happens by coincidence , that we ARE the gaurdians of our own pitiful life . The answer was shown to me , in very indifferent ways . And you'll be amazed , that you can't prove God doesn't exist . Because GOD Is .... 

You may ask , "Prove to me God is real !" . The thing is ... Are you going to believe if I can prove his existence ? So what if I can prove it to you ? 

You know what ... I can't , and I won't . Because what greater prove is there , than a perfect encouter with God himself . Just one glimpse , one touch , an experience beyond memory . That is God , and if you ask me such a question , i'll leave you to god and let him prove himself to you .
Look for God , not for answers that proves God . 

CELLGROUP - It has been great , we've had new recruites to this family. They're JACKREN , YUAN ZHE , WILLIAM , Zi Kirk , Joel and VICENTI . It is my greatest regret that I do not possess a proper camera , so that I can show you their youthful faces . They have so far been a challenge to us , and great lessons in many ways . I believe God has big plans for them , and every minute I invest in them , is an investment in God's kingdom . " Let the children come to me , and do not forbid them , for such is the kingdom of heaven " (...... they are really small , if you're comparing them to me . =] ) 

LOVE - In the past few weeks , I've been reminded again by this verse . "You have forsaken your first love " from revelation 2:2-3 . It strucked like a bell . It was clear , that i've been stranding from God . And thus i felt guilty , because what he gave was for more worth than us stranding away from him . If you forget his love , look to the cross . You should have been the one there , and he took the place for you . That is love .

FRIENDS - Friends come and go . Sometimes I feel the urge to tell them they're wrong . They're following the footsteps to hell . They are living towards the life of the world . And yet i did not tell them . The question is , should I? Is it right to tell someone you're judgement against the world ?Being so torn between what is right and what seems to be compromising . Should i even be fussing over all this ? Or is it Better to just take a step back and pray , and let God do the work ? Remember this and remember it well , Only god can change a man's heart .We can only pray , and encourage .

CHURCH- What is the reason have we come to church for ? Since young we've been thought , the church is a holy temple of god , where people worship God . And i still believe that statement hangs on strong . However we've been forgetting that simple reason . We come to church to see our friends instead . We come to church to entertaint ourself . We come to church to find mates . ARE THESE THE REASONS GOD BUILDS THE CHURCH FOR ? Fine , the bible says we need to fellowship .But what is the point of fellowshiping in church , when GOD is left out of the picture. Think about it , nothing is worth , without God as the center of it all . 

Signing out , poof ~

Vincent , 
Man of mighty God .

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