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Teenz Camp 09 "Entheos"

where is this?look at the view.yes its Teez Camp 09 "Entheos"!this is the view out of the balcony.

k la i am so bo liao now so i shall do the update.will just be blogging about cell group overall, my own experience and what i encounter will be in my personal blog=)


1st Day: when i arrived at church,i felt so great,cox i had missed church for consecutive 3 weeks due to some commitments out of church like the bike hike, 30 hours famine camp basically went to camp with the mood: "hey its gonna be another period of enjoyment~!"

ofcox happy to get to see the younger cell members like Jerry, Tse Kirk etc.bus ride ain't any exciting so anyways.when i arrived at the campsite,AGAIN for the 3rd time,i am appointed as one of the group leader for games.nah i am not complaining i was chosen as the group leader,but it's fun!always enjoy being the group leader because can talk rot and make my group least i am not those that monologue to know some of my group were fun playing as a group,though we din't reli played well for the IQ and Transporter stations.and though our eggs seemed to be so well-covered and protected,all 3 still broke in the end=\ but enjoyed the fun with the people.nite game was the highlight.i guess no need to explain how the whole game goes about,too leychey to do so,but just want to say it so similar with the traditonal Hwa Chong war games i had in my school orientation.just that what i had in school is in a much larger school we used water bombs instead of the lited candles.this kind of game is the best cox it is action-based and it involves everyone!XD

i was appointed as the room leader and those who stayed in the same room as me were Jerry, Tse Kirk, Ming Wei, Ming Wai, cute cute William and Jabez!well felt nice because i always wanted opportunities to interact more with the younger cell members in my cg.and got to interact more with Jabez too=)


2nd Day: we had sermons, and our 1st workshop,FGC's got talent.i was appointed as one of the group leader,AGAIN!,and felt really shocked.we were to present a short 8min skit/performance with only 2 hours of dicussion and rehearsal time kelam-kabut.luckily See Hwee and Linda(my DaDa jie) was there to help me.and some of the people in my group poured out suggestions and ideas too.thank them nak-nyak man.i chose the theme "The Secrets 不能说的秘密" and we started working out our plans.great feeling after putting up the show when we gave our best.thank you people! well for Vincent's group "大长今", he was the group leader too!and guess what?he led his group so well that he won 1st!haha *clap clap* i voted for his group too and i think they deserved it.brilliant work, Vincent.

ni lah curi from Isabell.forgot to take a pic of it, so curi.ok i acknowledge ur credit liao so dun say whatever copyright blah blah.haha.

for cell group at night, as usual its the fun-time.Tse Kirk with his forever-playful-attitude finds people to wrestle,especially me(andidunnoforwhatreasonalso).so let's let the pictures do the talking.haha. had great time playing together as a cell group^^

all started with Tse Kirk irritating others.look at where Tse Kirk is *stepping* and where Ming Wei is *punching*.haha.

so the action starts.

and they wrestle.poor Tse Kirk.

gosh our dear Tse Kirk just loves to wrestle everyone.

how much more playful can a kid be?

look at the "2-hand sign".how does he still have time to pose for the pic while wrestling?damn cute la~

now's my time to get into action.haha.

eh pic blur la.pigpig.

finally he can sit still and take a decent pic.Tse Kirk cutecute neh~


3rd day: sermons as usual, and had our prayer workshop in the noon.this was the time i felt blessed the most,great time.i went around to encourage our younger cell members to pray and ask for something,not to attend teenz camp and gain nothing when they get home.felt really nice when i saw some of them trying hard to pray,seeing their desire for God.well but there is still much room for them to grow,so guys reach ur potential ok!keep it up.

*sermon time camwhore pics*

nite time we had the usual makan session.had extra "liao" for our cup noodles cox the games comm had leftover eggs unused for the games and thus we were fortunate to had some!

and then wrestling-time and play and play...non-stop.but something serious did happen when our big brother got really furious with a cell member cox he play till went out of control.i wouldn't want to talk about the details as it isn't nice to do so,just hope that he can grow up la.act like a 13 year old, ok?know when to play and when to get serious, practice more self-control.u are still our great cell member.


4th day: nothing much to blog about this, as oure TAWG was so-so la.all the time like that.just felt that this camp was a great time to bond with the younger members in our cg,thank God for this good opportunity.hope we can bond more often and have cg outings=) ok here's a pic of our cg!

oh and actually the sermons were really great, pastor james was really good.i mean he is good and will be good all the there's so much that he mentioned but will just post out a phrase i caught and thought was really good, "things are never difficult,it's just that we are not used to doing it.once we make it a habit,they will seem so easy." nice phrase by pastor james yeah,so well this phrase is to encourage all of u who reads this blog.remember this with heart!

( all other photos are up on facebook^^ )

St. -rEuBeN -

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