Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hurt my knee

Today I've hurt my knee . Seriously , its been many moons ago that i've hurt my knee . and it really hurts . the following is wad happened .

I had sports day try-outs/training . I went through different kind of stuff like Running ( i'm really no good at this ) , Short Putt , Discus , and Long Jump.

If you guessed that I've hurt myself in Long Jump you're  absolutely correct . 

I went first time , disqualified , but i passed the line . It was like , whooa..... haha I can jump man . Teacher was like saying I have a big body mass that's why I go far. 

I went second time , disqulified again , but crossed the line too .Teacher asked me to go again . i said i'll pass , since i won't compete anyway .But my chinese was like giving the bad face day , and said " TRY !!! YOU MUST !!!"

I went the third time , from a stance , to a slow jog , to a rapid acceleration and , "THOOM" I jump and landed . But due to unsteady landing , and exerting forwad force , I went on to my knees , and a sommersault followed ,then I flipped back on my feet . 

But then , my knee start hurting with a terrible looking Cut ( its a lot of scraches , and the surrounding is all bruised up ), and a bone in my lower spine hurts .

Its been a looooong time since I've hurt my knees. Its like so hot and painful , I wish i was claire bennete from heroes . 

but once again , as i felt the pain , I realised one thing .

I'm Human 

Not God  . Just human . I question myself , why do I always want to pretend god . always trying to do things that only God can do . For example . changing the hearts of man . 

We are God's humble servants. And we serve an immeasurable God , but why sometimes , we keep trying to take things into our own hands . 

Just like pastor paul kim tai said , the easy parts , we do . The hard parts , LEAVE IT TO GOD .

I Just want to say , sometimes our stress , hurts , may just come from this point of playing god , for wad god does we certainly cannot do . Therefore we will always be dissapointed .

Leave things into God's hands . trust him . Obey .

St.Vincent . 


Anonymous said...

wow.. i am encourage by your write up!! thanks!! why am i so stress - because sometimes I want to reach the standard and results that only God can reach!! You are right man! Just do the easy things and leave the rest to God!!

Smile always!!

St. Vincent said...

thank you . =]