Thursday, 15 January 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!

This is a very special blog post posted for Vincent.
First thing I've got to say, sorry that I've forgotten to make the post yesterday.
Secondly, Happy Belated Birthday!
Thirdly, Happy 7th years Anniversary of knowing you. (And so giving me the inspiration of my logo, and yours.)
Forthly, nothing else really important.
Fifthly, you may give me your Ibanez RG370DX as my b'day present in return if you're like touched that I made this post.
Sixthly, if you think I'm joking, you're so very wrong.
Seventhly, Happy Belated Birthday anyway.
Eighthly, good year good start, good aged good go. (LOL, does that even make sense).
Ninthly, just typing craps to make the post looks longer, nicer, more professional.
Tenthly or lastly, Happy Belated Birthday and bye. XD

*Seriously that I've got nothing better to do, whole loads of homeworks in front of me awaits to be done. LOL.

Xizhe. =)

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