Thursday, 15 January 2009

17th birthday

A very blessed Birthday to me . I know I have been extremely estatic today . its like i've seriously taken some estacy .

Thanks to my father who text me eventhough he's in some island in china.
And mom too .

Thanks to my lovely bunch of classmates , who yelled " Happy Birthday Vincent " in the compound where thousands of students gather . Getting so much attention, I returned a graceful bow in gratitude.hahahha

thanks to Philip tan from melbourne , Agnes from Ohio State Uni , US . Rebekah cheng from UK . Zhen yang from KL . Denise Ong From KL .

And Jeremy and Joanne Chian , Amy Liew , Caleb Chandra , Ong Xi Zhe . Tew Bai Er ,Luke Lim , Peter Ng , Aunty Lynn , Uncle Koon ....From JB .

And of course special thanks to my respected aunt Ming Hui , who gave me some good advices .

Special thanks to my cell leader joseph lok . and a bunch of people he brought to my house IN A VAN . Charles , Sarah , Salem , Joshua goh , hui peng .

Thanks to Amy and huihui , who sang me a happy birthday song .

Thanks to my fellow prefects , who wanted to a-lo-ba , me , but didn't have enough people to carry me . hahhaha

Thanks to all those people who did wish me happy birthday , and I forgot , really sorry . But you guys were cool too .

And thanks to those people who said would buy me a gift on birthday But didn't , never mind , you thoughts were counted . still love you guys .

thanks to all of you , you guys have made me one happy man .

Vincent , Birthday Boy . =]

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