Friday, 7 November 2008

MIss leong's clone ( direct copy from vincent's cell blog )

The above is a prove of successful cloning .A success of cloning miss anne leong .
For those who know her , she's my school's CF teacher . She fantastic =] .
scientific reserch has proven that an average of 7 people will look like you.
and i found miss leong's . hahahahaha she studies in ssi, i don't know her though . lol
Anyway , today our class had an examiner . a teacher called pn.A ( can't mention her name) who has been proven to have contracted a disease called "CONTIUOUS MOUTH CRAM " hahahaha...she HAS to say something bout everything. she's not a diciplinary teacher , but she'll be yacking off saying .

" you guys better cut your hair before you come to school tomorrow , or you will be entering the school saloon arh...."

I was then whispering under my breathe ,
" nevermind larh . Tomorrow we're all not going to come anyway , hahahhahahaha. "

besides that, she has that cocky atitude with a voice that as if you were talking while pinching your nose. She makes us clean the classroom when we are suppose to start our chemistry paper. If not , will not give us our paper. In the end we started like 10 minutes late.

nvr mnd one larh, you all first class , all professional , very professional one lah, take a little bit time also never mind one. Now clean up your classroom. "
she's seriously funnie , when you get to talk behind her back , but its not encouraged, naughty me... hahaa....


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