Friday, 14 November 2008

Proton Johore Open

As I mentioned earlier yesterday , I went to see the proton johore open yesterday , AND today .
It was fantastic, a splendid show to watch , the tention was in the air , the shuttles were blazing fast ...... AND took a lot of pictures... =]

Here are some photos of LEE CHONG WEI ( the one in red )

The following is KPP KIEN KIAT and TAN BOON HEONG in the heat of the battle ,it was a very close battle as they had a rubber set , and a duece of 22-24 against a new young player team , Arif and Voustan , but they were fantastic.

Furthur on is MIX Dounbles of KOO KIEN KIAT and NG HUI LING, they were fantastic too , they made it to the finals , which is tmrw .

Here's some photos of awek Lee Chong Wei , Miss pretty WONG MEW CHOO

And the old experience 2nd seed LEE WAN WAH and CHOONG TAN FOOK , they'll be playing against KOO and TAN tomorrow.

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