Monday, 13 October 2008

Big Job Done // BIgger ones ahead

(the Following is in green because the theme colour of our FOOD FAIR 200 was ---- GREEN ) =]

Yesterday was totally tiring ...i woke up at 7:30 this morning to go for a check up ... mental ....

sorry....*Dental ...
I came back at 9 , after a short visit to my granny's . then i saw the result of all of our hard work yesterday .... yeah the FOOD FAIR 2008 .

it was ...... ( drum rolls!!!!)


Here's my thanks to all the people who cooked till early MOURNING (morning ) . I've heard the spaghetti was cooked till 3 a.m. in the morning . ( special thanks to Stella's cell and main chef "Auntie Lynn" )

haha ... and of course all the peeps that turn up at church with superrr dark eye bags waYYYYYY early in the morning . Seriously thank you .

Special thanks to those who worked their backs off in the back where all the dishes are scrubbed , washed , wiped , rearranged , and distributed. I know its a really tough job. coz I was there last year =] . You guys are great !!!

Many other stores like Fried Ice Cream , Fried Chicken Chop , Bah Choh Mee , many many other stores ( sorry i can't recall since there is like soooo many of them ) , you guys are awfully fantastic .

And of course , special thanks to my own cell members , comrades in battle , Brothers .... Thanks for covering my back when I was of somewhere filling my stomach and WORKING OF COURSE .Thanks for being there to guard everything when nobody really wants to stay ... i know how tempting it was to just roam free and enjoy the food as you pass the stores ... hahaa....

All your hard work has payed off . And because of that , I believe you have a great reward in heaven waiting for its owner to retrieve it .

Yours faithfully ,
( Your comrade in battle )

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