Sunday, 5 October 2008


In just 4 services in two days , we've suceeded in collecting a sum of RM 15,000++ of Offerring for the missions . Now tell me is that God or what .
Glory to God...
the following are some pics from last year's G.A.P 2008
xin xiang , touching lives changing earth .
Vincent , touching dogs , changing nothing ...

haha....had fun with kids ....the kiddy side of me unleashed...


Go And Preach

This year would be my 5th . Having always a faithful sponsor ,
I thank GOd that I was able to go for every year .

Memories from last year still mingled in my mind,
how God used us , just merely TEENz out of school to touch little lives in Thailand . ( I was in children/school ministry) .
Through the trip last year , eventhough I never did see a miracle that i so hoped to see , but i did see how important god valued children .
God valued children so much , that he made us minister to children for 75% of our time there .( 25% was for adults , giving tracts , and church ).
It was an exprerience I wouldn't forget .

Every year was new experience ,
new lessons learnt ,
new environment ,
new people ,
But same God .

I've learnt so much from this God that never changes ,
you can too .
Sign up ,
It can't be that bad .

If you want to tell me that God hasn't spoke to you to go .
I have something for you .

this is written 2000++ years ago to defend your argument , hahahaaa....
Matthew 28:19
"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...."

In Other Words : Go . And . Preach

deadline is on the 19th October .Register b4 then or you'll be dead ( joking )

Last of all , I want to say ," we serve and immeasurable God " Any questions ask him , he's the one with the money =] .

I've signed up , now its your turn . ( from sinloong)

Vincent Tan Zhuguang
" I serve an immesurable God "

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