Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I often question about REALITY.
Sometimes I really do not know which and where is the reality.

Is this world that I'm living in, I'm blogging now the reality?
Or is the one that in called DREAMS, the real one?

Well, science describes that dreams are the images, thoughts, feelings
we experienced while asleep.
What was explained in Wikipedia:
"The content
s and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have bee a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history."

Most of us experience dreams every night when we sleep.
Why and how is that possible for people to fail on explaining it in science?

Well, for what I know until now, God and Science cannot be conflicted together.
Science is what is happening on earth, not in everywhere, and of course not all of reality.

Take a look around. Do you think that everything happens because they are coincidences?
How could I possibly still alive if everything happens with coincidences?
There must be someone writing the "story", planning for every events that is happening around.
Just try to imagine, everyone is like so unique, everything happens so uniquely, how can this be coincidences?
Try to imagine something else, how is that possible for something like humans just exist and function so well,
with such complete brain that thinks well, with such complex organs that keeps us alive?

How can this world be so complicated when there is not someone behind planning and creating all these?
There is more question you can think of and cannot be answered by science.

And so I believe, God is always there, reality is not just this.
Dreams can be messages from God,
This world that we are living in, the current reality, is just a test, a big test for us.
And it decides our afterlife.
Reality does not end with this life, it continues to another life somewhere else, somewhere sacred, nice, somewhere I have been longing to go..
Reality is always where you are.
Do not question about it.
Live it.
Enjoy it.

Faith told me that.
By Xizhe

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