Monday, 18 August 2008

Yet Another Day // Dissapointments And Pain

Yet another day of Disapointments and Pain .
I crossed paths with misfortunes and destruction .
Where hunger and lost of love comes in deep down .

Deep... deep... deep... down .

Where all that within me cries out ,
the imperfect melody of suffering .
Having the pressure and expectations of people upon me ,
I've lost myself living for others .

Lost in competition against myself ,
Lost in temptations ,
Lost in the Blizzard of desperation .
Lost in the currents of trends and opinions .

Where am I?

I've been running ,
Running to catch .
Myself .

Where tears kept flowing ,
sliding past my eye-lashers ,
taking off into the coming wind .
saying Goodbye .

Am I still having concious ,
Am I still In control ,
Of Who I am today?
Of who i'm going to be tomorrow .


I have felt Connections ,
With all of those who share my fate ,
of which I never believed in .
Or Let It dwell in my mind .

Yet I celebrate the day ,
When the act of the cross was done ,
Where salvation was given,
To those who longed for redemption.

signing out ,

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St. JL said...

Jesus love u. Amen!