Sunday, 17 August 2008


"Snow Crab"

1.The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.
Starting time : 8:25

Name : Vincent Tan Zhuguang

Sisters : NOne , hahaha no lah got one idiotic one

Brothers : yeapp one and only one

Shoe size : 8 1/2 i think

Height : 176 cm

Where do you live : My world

Favourite drinks : Latte Milk Shake , Choya with sprite , kopi - peng

Favourite breakfast : Buffet style would be delightful


Been on a plane : Yes , a memorable one

Swam in the ocean : Yeah , when i was younger .

Fallen asleep in school : The day i duun sleep in class is worth celebrating

Favourite sleeping time : History , I can't help it some idiot put our
history class right after Physical education . :p

Broken someone's heart : Dun think so , not tht i know of

Fell off your chair : Yeah, I was sitting on two legs

Sat by the phone and waited for someone to call : I think so .

What is your room like : Hm , as you walk in , the left side is the guitar section , where i have all my guitars , amp and equipments . Furthur on is my cupboard and study table and my bed .

What's right beside you : Phone , Speakers , Sub-woofer .

What is the last thing you ate : Dinner ... nono , an eclipse sweet stella gave me.

Chicken pox : Nope

Sore throat : Having One

Stitches :Thank God Noooooo.... haha

Broken nose :Have been hit on the nose a few times , all because of
soccer , but its still there

Believe in love at first sight :No , i dun believe thts love , its just a crush .
nothing much , i have it all the time , :x

Like picnics : Dun think i've had it b4 . so sad .


The last person you danced with :Hm... no i dun remember , its been ages since i've danced.

The last person who last made you smile : Today , My dad

The last person you last yelled at : My Brother , For taking to much sause for his spagetti . :p


Talk to someone you like :Nope, avoided her today ...
Kissed anyone : Nope , still have my "first kiss" reserved for marriage .
Get sick : Nope...
Talk to an ex :No Ex

Miss someone : yeapp , totally ....
Eat :Yeapp ... had quite nice food today
Best feeling in the world : The feeling of being of love
Do you sleep with stuffed animals :No.....
What's under your bed : A baseball bat and a 8inch knife
Who do you really hate : Someone , and Of course SAtan
What time is it now :8.40pm

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1.Leading my kindergarden sports house to victory
2.Trying to lern how to fly a kite
3.Out witting my sunday school teacher
4.Disturbing my kindergarden teacher that she couldn't continue teaching
5.Spanked on Butt for doing something wrong

5 things on my to-do list today
1.Sleep , read tomorrow's practice manuscripts
2. ZZZzzzz.....
5.argh..... did i miss something ....ZZzzzzzzz..

5 snacks I enjoy .... Chocolates . Van Houtan Chocolates , and nothing else
2.Those Smashed peanut wrapped in a sweet coating
3.Chocolate coated fried banana ( you wouldn't get it in malaysia)
4.not sure
5.anything taste good when i'm hungry

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1.Give To church building Fund
2.Buy All the Best Music Equipmets
3.Build a Studio , so that church can Cut albums :p
4.Support my studies , Make a buisiness , get a wife , make a family
5.Support mission associations around the world
5 of my bad habits
1.Eat too much
2.Sleep too much
3.Talk too much
4.Crap too much
5.Boast myself too much
5 places I have lived in
2.My house , obviously
3.Darren's house
4.Jeremy Chians house , when his leg was fractured ( that was like years ago )
5.A Whole lot other places . Invite me to your house to sleep over if you want .
5 persons i tag
2)Stella Pang Mei Si
3)Ong Kian Yee

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