Sunday, 13 January 2008


Life has been nothing but more than fantastic to me . It has been my greatest teacher , and yet my heaviest anchor . My greatest pleasure , yet my greatest sadness . My greatest success , but still my greatest failure . Life goes round and round in circles . Circles tht we can never run out of . Circles tht somehow brings uncomprehendable meanings to us .

Life has always been described by ppl as a roller coaster , going up , and going down . I who somehow describes it as rain , tht somehow falls , yet always having a clear sky when its over . My friend described it as a never stopping television , always full of life....
Sometimes i rrl wonder what would happen ... if life stayed where it is ? Would tht make my day? Sometimes i rrl hoped tht it stays tht way. Sometimes having to stop life is wad we would die for .

But consider this , a roller coaster tht stops upside down ? A rain tht falls , and never stops ? A television tht stucks at one picture motion , and stops going on . LIFE STOPS ... No more excitement ... No more clear skies ... No more entertaintment.. stops....

Is tht wad we are hoping for ? for me ?'ll be a fool of me to stop life....i want life to go on...i want to live live through all the EXCITEMENT of going up and down a rollercoaster .....i want to live with HOPE through the sorrows of a rain , knowing tht there is a promising clear blue sky....i want to live a MEANINGFUL life , like a life filled television..

but most of all...I want to live a life with LOVE and COMPASSION



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