Monday, 16 February 2009


i got tagged by Fiona Boon . Old friend from tebrau

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1.Her name is....Fiona BOOM

2. She 's awfully nice , friendly , and pretty

3.She's got an Indian DRIVER .

4.She's shorter than me  . =x

5.Slapped my Senior in front of me in the first week of my form 1 days . But seriously that guy deserved it . Good going Fiona !!!

6.Has a good sense of fashion


8. Single ?

9. Has a certain level of leadership that's worth admiring .

10.Always smiling . =]

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. I'm abnormal in growth and size . Had early puberty. 17 this year , and have been 176cm and 90kgs since 14 . YEAH , SINCE 14

2. I was known as " two faced " I scolded a junior till she cried . And i could laugh like a jerk the next second , vice versa 

3.I've always been different in thoughts and opinions . Some people think I'm too matured that they regard me as a freak . For example , when i think of a relationship between a girl and a boy , first thing i would think is marriage .

4. I'm beginning to love jazz more than rock or blues. I play guitars . I hate lousy-show-of-bands . 

5 Vincent is very quiet at home .
6.Vincent likes mature , independant , and wise kind of girl . And detests the the " act cutes " . but , it doesn't mean i hate immature girls , they are just Yet-To-Grow kind of girls .hahaa
7.I'm a pretty good imitator, and I love to make people around me happy .

8.I cook a lil bit , and like to invent my own recipies. 

9. I always talked too much , no matter the occasion .

10. I love God. Jesus .

At the end, you have to chose 10 people to tag and write the names out:
1. Wenyi .
2. Caleb
3. Jaslyn
4. Charles
5. Joseph lok
6. Rueben
7. Victor
8. Nicole Ong
9. Jasmine 

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