Wednesday, 17 December 2008

what can wash away my sins .

Not long ago yesterday , out of boredom I searched my computer for a video to watch . I use to remember having to collect the "nicely done " videos. I was thinking maybe watch a music video or some comedy tht I have. However , I found video that i  didn't know i had . It was called the gospel in 6 minutes , by this pastor , John Piper . 

And to my astonishment , I was pretty touched by one of his sentences . 

"You'll Never , never , never , never ,never , never , never , never  never , never never , Never , outgrow your need for the gospel . You should never think of the gospel as , ' That's the way you get saved ' and then you get STRONG by leaving it and doing something else . 

NO . 

We are STRENGTHEN by the gospel EVERYDAY till the day we drop . We'll never outgrow the need to preach  to ourself about the gospel till the day we drop . "

Okay , few sentence ...... but IT HIT ME . Its like whoa........ I've never heard this before . I always thought the gospel was for just the newbies . But this message has thought me differently . Telling me I will never ever outgrow my need for the gospel . 

Jesus came into the world , not only to die , but to destroy the power of hell and death , SIN. That we may be saved to live with him in eternity . He did all through the gospel , the act of the cross. 

I needed the gospel , I needed to preach to myself the gospel ,that Jesus you are God , the only God , and only your Blood could wash away my Sin , like nothing else can ever do . I needed to confess, that I am a sinner , but I have been made pure by the love of Christ .Where there is NO Condemnation . And that i may be set free , FORGIVEN .

I needed it , so did you ....

Vincent tan

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